Utilise the best UK Underfloor Heating to end the Winter Chill

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Uk's No 1. Underfloor Heating

We thought it would be a good time to talk about underfloor heating, specifically the UK’s favourite brand. There is a lot to think about when it comes to this topic but we are here to help! Varme was established in 2001 and quickly became the UK’s leading brand of underfloor heating, with experts constantly on hand to help and a multitude of systems to use it’s no surprise they are so popular.

Electric or Water fed

To start off your going to need to decide whether you want an electric or a water fed system. Which is better? Well that depends on yourself and where you are putting the underfloor heating. You can use either in pretty much any setting but I will go through a few Pros and cons of each.

Electric System Pros

  • Low initial cost
  • As it is fitted with small wiring it can be fitted easily & efficiently
  • Option for Heating Mats which are usually cheaper as they are set sizes
  • Instant warmth 

Electric System Cons

  • Higher running cost
  • Recommended for smaller areas

Water Fed System Pros

  • More efficient than radiators because the heat is distributed more evenly 
  • less water is used which is a bonus for your boiler
  • Lower usage cost compared to the electric systems

Water Fed System Cons

  • Higher initial cost due to plumbing parts
  • The floor needs to be raised to create the space for the piping
  • Recommend a professional to fit
These are just a few examples of pros and cons if you are still unsure feel free to contact us and we will go through everything with you.

What flooring can I use?

Underfloor heating works with pretty much every flooring, there are just a few rules with some of the flooring for example Carpet can be used but its recommended that the TOG rating is under 2.5 (including insulation). The most popular choices people tend to go for is natural stone, ceramic tiles or hardwood engineered flooring. It’s hard to go through all the pro’s and con’s of each option as there are so many! The best way to look at it, is the majority time you will be able to use underfloor heating, if you are unsure we are always here to guide you just drop us a message or call us.

Do I need underfloor heating?

Underfloor Heating is not a necessity but it is most definitely a desire for many. There is nothing more satisfying that waking up on winters morning, frost on the window and that lovely warm sensation under your feet… We all know what natural stone flooring can be like under the foot but to be able to take the chill off it is just beautiful.

Also if you use underfloor heating you can say goodbye to those pesky radiators! Personally I had a problem in my living room where the only radiator was blocked by one of our couches which you can imagine absorbs alot of that heat. Thanks to our underfloor heating there is no issue about where the radiators are located. All of the heating is perfectly dispersed throughout the house, saving me loads on energy costs!

Maybe you don’t need underfloor heating but maybe a better question is why would you not want it?

Is underfloor heating better for the environment?

Simply, yes. Underfloor heating is much better for the environment due to many reasons. It heats rooms much quicker than a typical heating system, it also doesn’t use as much power to heat a room as it is dispersed across the whole room instead of just certain points i.e radiators. This reduces energy consumption drastically which in effect reduces fuel consumption, perfect.  

We all want to do our part in the fight against global warming and it is easy to ignore how our heating systems effect this. Underfloor heating in a effective way to heat your home with bonuses for sustainability and energy costs. 

What brand of Underfloor Heating?

Varme. Every time Varme. We stock their underfloor heating and are very proud to be stockists of theirs. They are UK’s leading company for underfloor heating solutions and you can see why. The quality in their products and the experts in the service department are just second to none. From the professional fitter to the die hard DIY’er their products are perfect for you.

We only stock them because we are so confident in the brand, and as they say actions speak louder than words.


So these were the most popular questions we get asked about Underfloor Heating, of of course there are plenty more questions but please feel free to call us or drop us a message and we will help you through anything. Underfloor heating is a cost effective, environmentally friendly and a great source of heating. It’s a no brainer, underfloor heating is the way forward.

Thank you for spending the time to read through this blog we hope it has helped you. Please subscribe to future blogs and leave any comments, it always helps!

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