5 Reasons to Choose Wood Floors

5 Reasons to choose wood floors

Ted Todd Raw Cotton Herringbone
Ted Todd Raw Cotton Herringbone

It’s no secret we’re fans of wood floors here at RR Stone so we’ve compiled a list of the 5 things we love most about them.

1. Easy to clean

Due to the nature of wood floors, they don’t trap dust and dirt in the same way that carpets and rugs do. All you need to do is hoover or sweep your floors once a week (unless you have a busy household then it may need to be more!) then spray on the correct cleaner and use a dry mop to clean it off. Our Marldon Mop is a great tool to do this in one go. Wood floors are a great hygienic option.

2. Durable

Look after your wood floors and they will last you a lifetime. If the antique range from Ted Todd is anything to go by, wood floors only get better with age!

Woodworks by Ted Todd
Petiver Parquet De Versailles – Woodworks by Ted Todd

3. Investment

As wood floors are so durable they won’t wear out and need replacing for many, many years. A great wooden floor can even add value to your property so is definitely an option that will look after you too.

4. Can be used with underfloor heating

All of our engineered boards are suitable for underfloor heating. This is becoming increasingly important as more and more people are opting to install underfloor heating. Combining the comfort of underfloor heating with the looks of wood is a definite winner!

5. And finally…There’s something for everyone!

There’s such a wide range of wood floors to choose from that you’re sure to find the perfect product for you. Choose from light or dark finishes, skinny or wide planks, herringbone, chevron or traditional boards. And the beauty of natural boards is that every piece is unique – creating a beautiful floor full of variety.

So that’s our little round up of why we think wood floors are great, what is it that you love about wood floors?

Take a look at the Ted Todd range of wood floors that we offer.

Ted Todd wood floors - Avery
Avery – Patterns and Panels by Ted Todd

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