Why Cumbrian Slate is the best? Top 3 Reasons

Why Cumbrian Slate is the best? Top 3 Reasons

Since before the history books began it seemed that Cumbrian Slate was used and worked on, for example the Romans used it to build the fort at Hardknott. Just walking around the towns and villages in the lake district you can see just how important our Cumbrian Slate is. We want to celebrate Cumbrian’s rich heritage when it comes to slate by telling you our Top 3 reasons why you should use our local slate above all other options!

1. Natural Markings on Cumbrian Slate

Our Cumbrian slate is full of beautiful markings for example the ‘Broughton Moor‘ is full of striking markings from the calcite and other natural occurrences. These markings are so distinctive you can spot Broughton Moor a mile away, it has been sought after for hundreds of years by interior designers and still is today. On the other side of the spectrum there is ‘Kirby’ which is a beautiful darker stone with blue and black tones, the natural marking on this stone is much more subtle.

Broughton Moor

2. Quality of Cumbrian Slate

The quality of stone that comes out of the quarries across Cumbria is staggering. True artisans are working with the stone here each and every piece that leaves the quarries leave with pride. As well as the craftsmanship that goes into creating each and every tile the Density of the stone in Cumbria is incredible. Compared to the imported options the Cumbrian Slate is a dream to work with, simple to cut down hard to chip just all around brilliant quality.

Burlington Quarry

3. Source of Cumbrian Slate

Knowing the source is as important as knowing the product. With Cumbrian Slate you know exactly where every piece has came from and more importantly, you can go there yourself and see what is going on! This is a bit harder if your getting Brazilian Slate… If you have any issues with some of your slate its super simple to just go to the quarry with the issue and get it rectified instead of the long process of back and forth with emails, phone calls across the world. As well as looking after your local economy we believe using Cumbrian slate is the best option for everyone.

Brandy Cragg Quarry

Our Verdict on Cumbrian Slate

There are plenty of choices across the world when it comes to picking your Slate flooring, sometimes too much choice. You may not even know where that stone has came from, whether it was ethically sourced or not. We are proud to stock local Cumbrian Slate and believe it is some of the best out there, if not the best. It is strong, reliable, beautiful and you can be sure of the history and the whereabouts it came from. We are always available for people to come and have a look at this magnificent stone. There is always a hot drink waiting for you if you feel like you need to talk to someone to get some advice, feel free to pop in!

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