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Natural Stone comes in a variety of different materials, including Marble Tiles, Slate Tiles, Limestone Tiles & Travertine Tiles, and in various finishes, from polished to tumbled & antiqued options. Natural Stone tiles are generally suitable for both floors and walls & can be used in any room in the home. Natural stone can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating, so there is no compromise on warmth. At RR Stone we offer a wide range of Natural Stone tiles, in all shapes, sizes, types, & finishes - that suit modern homes, traditional homes & anything in between. At RR Stone we are very well placed to offer expert advice, having recently celebrated 25 years in business, carefully sourcing Natural Stone of outstanding quality & beauty, from all over the world. We source our quality natural stone from Italy, Brazil, & closer to home, right here on our doorstep in the Lake District, where we have some of the most prestigious natural stone quarries in the world. We have a beautiful showroom & state of the art stone fabrication facility in Staveley, set in the heart of the Lake District - very convenient to visit as part of a day trip, weekend, or weeks holiday! So, when it comes to natural stone, we’ve got it covered, you will get the best service & expertise from a friendly Lake District team, something you won’t get from many of the popular high street retailers. Our products are both sustainable & pass the test of time, due to their durable, long-lasting qualities, which means you are guaranteed to get lifelong value, from natural materials that do not harm the environment. Why not order some free samples or give our team a call to talk about your project? We'd love to hear from you. Better still come and see us at our Lake District Showroom.

Slate Tiles

Limestone Tiles

Marble Tiles

Travertine Tiles


Slate Flooring & Slate Tiles

At RR Stone, we are Natural Stone & Slate Tile specialists, supplying a wide range of uniquely coloured & finished Slate Tiles from around the world. We stock all our natural slate tiles in our dedicated warehouse, each & every order is packed by our experienced team &  can normally be dispatched within 24 hours. We also have a state-of-the-art stone fabrication facility, where we can make bespoke slate worktops, shower trays, tiles, flags, outdoor furniture & fencing.
We have a large range of slate varying from pristine honed, to a more rustic riven and chipped edge finish. Our tiles really can be used in any setting, wet room? No problem, traditional barn conversion? No problem. Whatever your project. commercial or for the home, we are slate the experts for the job.

Limestone Flooring & Limestone Tiles

Our beautiful collection of natural limestone tiles have been carefully sourced to ensure the highest possible quality. Limestone tiles are classic & timeless – perfect for heritage buildings, character properties and country interiors. We stock a stunning range of limestone tiles in a variety of authentic finishes and colours. Combine our limestone tiles with our outdoor limestone paving to create a show-stopping infinity effect.
Our honed limestone is perfect for those seeking to create a subtle contemporary look, while tumbled limestone tiles will introduce an authentic feel to traditional interiors.
Limestone is well known for its warm earthy tones and natural beauty. We stock a variety of colours, which often distinguish the stones origin, available in different finishes from Honed, Brushed or Tumbled – limestone tiles will add value, stand the test of time and add a touch of class to any property, whether contemporary or traditional. Natural Stone is also a sustainable & environmentally responsible choice for your home.

Marble Tiles & Marble Flooring 

Marble is far harder & denser than its close relative’s limestone & travertine. Marble is durable, with magnificent surface detail & is probably one of the most exclusive natural stone materials in the world.  Often used in boutique hotels, manors and other glamorous locations,  Marble presents varying characteristics – Ibiza Bianco for instance has a crystalline structure, and then there is the more typical veined marble which has been used for centuries, like the ever-popular Carrara Marble & all its variations.
Our luxury marble tiles are available in a range of finishes – honed marble tiles provide a contemporary satin feel, whilst polished marble gives off a sense of glamour and opulence. Tumbled marble on the other hand gives a more aged appearance.
From traditional grey & white marbles to more dramatic shades, including bold veining to delicate mottling, our marble flooring and wall tiles offer a stylish feel to any home or commercial project. 
Elegant & sophisticated, our marble tiles are the perfect choice for your kitchen, bathroom, hall, or indeed any room in the home.
Why not order some free samples or give our team a call to talk about your project? We’d love to hear from you. Better still come and see us at our Lake District Showroom. 

Travertine Tiles & Travertine Flooring

Travertine is renowned for its beautiful colours & versatile applications. It is also a very durable material & therefore perfect for use around the home, offering lifelong value. In fact, many famous buildings, monuments & structures were created out of travertine across the eras, that are still intact today – the Colosseum, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Burghausen Castle & the Getty Center are a few well known examples of such historical buildings.
Today travertine is a very popular choice for flooring, facades and claddings & suitable for every room in the home. Our travertine tiles encompass natural & authentic styles, & can be used as flooring and wall tiles, offering subtle character to indoor living areas.
From silver travertine tumbled tiles, to warmer shades of rust, caramel & walnut, RR Stone offers an array of colours, finishes and textures that promise to bring an air of elegance to any room or commercial project.

RR Stone

We are experts in the field and have a strong passion for natural stone flooring, you just need to come into our showroom to see our love for it. Ensuring every piece of stone that leaves our workshop, leaves in the best manner possible. No matter your project we are the right people to help guide you through it! Our natural materials are available in an array of different shapes and sizes.

We stock a number of natural stones, including Slate, Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine and Marble. Because of their natural origins, each tile will display individual markings and colouring. This results in unique character and originality that adds a touch of luxury to any room or project.

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