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Home & Garden Show

The Home & Garden show at the Rheged Centre is full of wonderful displays and companies kitted out to make your home perfect. We are very excited about what we are showing this year, you should be to. We all know the natural beauty that Cumbria contains from coastal views to the fell tops and everything in between. With all the natural inspiration around us it’s no surprise that a Home & Garden show organised by Cumbria Life will be full of beautiful ideas for your home. 

RR Stone

What about us? We are there showcasing our favourite products & designs, which I will go through shortly but first I’d like to give you a bit of back story of who we are and why you should use us for all of your projects!

With a collective experience well over 100 Years within the Stone industry you can be confident with the products we supply and recommend. We are also one of the major retailers of Ted Todd Flooring with a beautiful dedicated showroom showing off their flooring with big 2m x 1m panels. 

The point I’m trying to get across is we have been in the industry for a long time with plenty of experience and very keen to keep up to date with all the latest trends and ideas! If you are struggling to find what you need just contact us and we will happily help.

Our Products

As you can imagine we have alot of options when it comes to flooring So we have picked out a couple of our, and your, favourites to display at the Home & Garden Show. 

Lets start with the obvious, Stone. More specifically stone tiles, these can be used for any application. Interior, exterior, walling, wetrooms pretty much everywhere you would want it. We will be showing off our Lonsdale Range from beautiful laid tiling to bespoke made shower trays. 

What about wood flooring? Well being a major supplier of Ted Todd it would be rude not to! We thought we would display the always stunning Gaslamp & Hoxton from the Urban range. Mixing the two products from this range really give a striking presence, which is a great point of the Urban range, you can, and are encouraged to, mix the tones and colours.

There is plenty more of products that we are showing proudly and loudly these are just a couple of the main displays we are bringing to the plate. Make sure you stop by and have a look at what else we have to show!

Our Services

So, what do we actually do? Everything to put it simply. If you can imagine it with stone we can craft it. With an onsite workshop and experts at hand we can do whatever it is you desire, from kitchen tops to hearths we will do it! We also supply all ancillary products that you may need for fitting your new flooring or whatever it may be. I mentioned before about our collective experience and that is on hand for you! As long as we are open we are just a phone call away for any questions, queries or issues. Just get in touch!

Why should I go to the show?

Shows like this are a perfect opportunity to see what you want or just to find the right supplier for you! You don’t even need to be in the process of working on your home. It’s always nice to browse and with hundreds of stands, scheduled talks there is plenty to do. So why not pop down (or up) to the Rheged Centre the weekend starting the 13th and don’t forget to say hello! 

What are we excited to see?

You! We love shows for many reason but the main one is you. Sometimes in a showroom it is hard to get to spend more time with you get to know what you like and don’t like but these kind of events are great for that. We really enjoy taking your idea and running with it for you and with inspiration everywhere you look ideas are flowing through thick and thin! 


So, from the Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th we will be at the Rheged Centre meeting all of you and talking about some of our best products. It’s a great chance to have a look at everything you could possibly need, and no doubt spot things you’ve never thought you needed but if nothing else its a great day out. We’re excited and you should be to.

Thank you for spending the time to read through this blog, it would mean a lot if you could subscribe to the blog and leave a comment with some feed back or ideas for Future blogs! See you next time.

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