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How to look after Stone floors

Looking after Natural Stone Floors

You’ve spent a lot of time choosing the perfect flooring for your property and have decided to choose a natural stone. Natural stone is beautiful and durable, but how do you keep your stone floors looking fantastic once in your home? This is a question we get asked a lot so we have put together this guide for you. Stone does require a little extra care than some other floors in your home, but we think it’s worth it, and I’m sure you do too!


First things first, we always recommend that your stone floor is laid by a professional tiler. Ensuring that the product is laid and sealed correctly in the first place will make it easier to keep your floor looking in tip-top condition. If you aren’t sure whether your floor is sealed – or if it has been more than 5 years since your stone floor was last sealed – you can look at how to seal stone here.

Cleaning Stone Floors

Step One

It is important to keep your stone floors free of dust/debris. You can do this by sweeping/dry mopping your space regularly to prevent the dirt scratching your floor. Also, try to minimise dirt entering your home by placing mats at entryways. If you vacuum your floor ensure that your vacuum is suitable for hard floors and that the cleaner head or wheels won’t scratch your floor. We recommend this at least twice a week, possibly more depending on how busy your household is.

Step Two

Once you have cleaned the dust from your floor then it can be mopped. It is important to use a PH Neutral cleaner as acidic cleaners can etch and damage your floors. We recommend our maintenance cleaner which will protect your floors. This product can be diluted at a ratio of 1:5 – 1:200 depending on the level of dirt on your floor. Use a mop to wash your floors.

Step Three

After washing with your maintenance cleaner it is important to then rinse your floor. Wash out your mop and bucket and fill with clean water and then go back over your floor again with the clean water. This mops up any excess cleaner and bits of dirt which can leave streaks on your floor.

Step Four

Once you have rinsed your floor it may be necessary to buff the water off with a clean dry cloth to prevent any water marks.

Stubborn Dirt

Sometimes floors need an extra bit of TLC. If you have some ingrained or particularly stubborn dirt it may be necessary to use our maintenance cleaner neat. If this doesn’t work, an intensive clean could be needed. Contact us for advice if you think your floor needs this.

REMEMBER to always follow the manufacturers instructions for cleaning products. This is advice based on our maintenance cleaner.

Anything Else?

A few reminders:

  • – Sweep/dry mop floors regularly
  • – Blot any spillages quickly
  • – Use a Neutral cleaner/ Stone cleaner

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