Lonsdale Grey Cleft Strip Cladding

£1.62per tile

Lonsdale Grey cleft slate strip cladding 600 x 60 x 10mm calibrated thickness.

From £36.00/m² + VAT

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Lonsdale Grey cleft strip cladding

Lonsdale Grey cleft strip cladding 600 x 60 x 10mm calibrated thickness. The table below shows the tile sizes (in mm) we have available in this material.

Lonsdale is a beautiful natural material. We have a wide variety of Lonsdale materials in diffferent styles, colours and sizes to suit your project needs. You can find our range of Lonsdale Slate products on our website. Alternatively, please contact us for more information. Because of its natural origins, materials may vary in colouring and patterns. This gives each piece unique appearance and individual character.

Tile Sizes (mm) Price /m²
600 x 60 x 10 £36.00

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Weight 25 kg
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