RR Stone Oxy-Klenza

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Oxy-Klenza is great for removing any Organic Stain


RR Stone Oxy-Klenza

Our Oxy-Klenza is best used for removing stains from Mold, Oils, Food & General Grime. It also eliminates Odors. see our Downloads page for any Data Sheet


  • Make sure you have all PPE (Gloves, Mask & Eye Protection)
  • Test on small area first
  • Sweep all loose dust from targeted area
  • Thoroughly wet the surface
  • Stir in 1/3 of a bottle into a plastic bucket with 8 liters of warm water until it dissolves
  • Apply solution generously to surface and leave for 3 minutes
  • Gently Scrub with white nylon scrub pad or brush
  • Repeat if needed
  • Rinse surface thoroughly with clean water

Health and Safety

Keep away from children.
Do not swallow.
Avoid contact with skin or eyes – use rubber gloves, goggles etc.
If swallowed, give milk or cream and seek medical attention – do not induce vomiting.


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Weight 1 kg

1 Litre, 5 Litre


Surface Cleaner


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