RR Stoneseal – Standard Grade 250ml

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250ml can of Stoneseal standard Grade.

Very long lasting commercial grade of sealer ideal for sealing slate, marble, and most low/medium porous stones, also brilliant on unglazed ceramics,terracotta etc.

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RR Stoneseal – Standard Grade 250ml

RR Stoneseal is a highly penetrative, reactive sealant. The Stoneseal Standard 250ml sealant is specifically for use on low porousity stone and substrates.

It is a very long lasting commercial grade of sealer. This product is ideal for sealing Slate, Marble, and most low to medium porous stones. Furthermore, it is also brilliant on unglazed ceramics, terracotta etc.

The sealant is very low viscosity, non-yellowing and penetrative. It is a consolidant for stone and various other substrates. In other words, it protects the substrate whilst maintaining its natural appearance. Additionally, it also acts as a surface coating for stone without leaving application marks in the cured film.

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