Varme Underfloor Heating Carbon Film

Varme’s carbon heating film is ideally suited for installation beneath wood or laminate floors. At less than half a millimeter thick , it has a negligible effect on floor height. This makes it ideal for use in both new buildings and renovations or refurbishments where floor height can be vitally important!

This product is PERFECT for the DIY experts out there. Extremely easy to fit.

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Varme Underfloor Heating Carbon Film

Heat Output
The varme carbon film underfloor heating is designed as a heating system (not just floor warming) and gives an even heat coverage beneath the whole floor. It is available in two power outputs 130w per sqm for ordinary home heating. In addition we have a  160w per sqm for conservatories where higher heat losses are experienced.

Simple to install
The installation is so simple it can be done by anyone with even the most basic DIY skills. This just leaves your electrician to connect it up to the mains for you. Please follow the link for further step-by-step installation instructions.

Digital control
The control of the heating system is via our simple to operate, FH-01 thermostat controller which has a 7-day/24 hr timer built in. The thermostat is unobtrusive and takes up the same space as a standard light switch.

The varme carbon film underfloor heating is manufactured in the UK in a BEAB approved factory and has been used worldwide for many years. In conclusion it is extremely reliable and comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty!

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