Varme Undertile Cable Kit

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Undertile cable heating kit, perfect for irregularly shaped rooms due to the flexibility of the cable. This allows for an underfloor heating system in any room and around fixed objects.

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Varme Undertile Cable Kit

The Varme Undertile Cable Kit is by far the most popular electric underfloor heating system for small confined areas such as bathrooms. This is due to its flexibility in covering any shape and size of room.

The cable comes in one length which can be laid out and run into any shaped room or area, regardless of how irregular shape may be.

Varme Undertile Cable Kit

Flexible cable will fit around irregular shaped rooms or fixed objects

Can be laid onto existing floors and covered by tile adhesive.

Each kit includes:

1 x Heating cable supplied on a drum
1 x Fully programmable FH-01 thermostat controller with floor probe
1 x Floor primer
1 x Roller for primer
1 x Adhesive tape to hold cable in place before tiling
1 x Simple installation instructions
1 x Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty


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