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Spotlight on: Carrara Marble Metro Tiles

Spotlight on: Carrara Marble Metro Tiles

Last year we made a fantastic addition to our range of Carrara marble in the form of a new, smaller brick tile (152x76mm) which is perfect for wall applications in kitchens and bathrooms. Carrara has been a popular product to use in homes and buildings for thousands of years, so is most definitely a timeless option. With the popularity of metro tiles in recent years, we thought it would be great to add a luxury touch to this tile size.

What’s special about this product?

We took our time making sure we chose the perfect marble that wasn’t too grey. We chose Carrara C grade marble which has a lovely white background with defined grey veining. An example depicting the Grade C marble (on the left) next to the lower grade marble is below. You can see it is much greyer with less definition. For us, it was important to have a whiter marble that will look fantastic next to a wider range of products. This tile also comes in both a honed and polished finish to suit your tastes.

Comparison of Marble grading
Comparison of Marble grading

Is it difficult to look after?

  • This size marble is for use on walls only and is easy to care for. There are a couple of things that you need to be aware of however:
  • –  Use white adhesive to fix the marble to the wall. This is to prevent the marble from being stained by the colouring of other adhesive.
  •  – Seal the Carrara marble metro tiles once it has been fixed to avoid staining on the tiles. DryTreat is recommended for this marble to keep it looking natural. Find out more about sealing stone here.
  • As always with all natural stone, we recommend that any spills/splashes are still wiped up as quickly as you can.

Of course, this is a very quick overview about this marble. Please visit the showroom to speak to one of our experts in person.Alternatively, call us on 01539 822666 to find out more.

One last thing…

These tiles are now on sale! A truly fantastic price for a great quality tile that will add the wow factor to any room! Click Here to go to the tiles.

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