Why Ted Todd is the Best Flooring for you

Why Ted Todd is the Best Flooring for you

We want to show you why we love Ted Todd and why you need to be using their incredible Engineered Flooring in your home or project! We are very proud to be major stockists of Ted Todd’s Hardwood Flooring and we have a dedicated showroom displaying a their large variety of products. Some times it can be hard to imagine how your wood flooring is going to look this is why our showroom has large 2 meter panels showing off the flooring in the best way!


Ted Todd are the first company within the UK to achieve the FSC standard for Wood Flooring, you can be assured that the Wood Sourced by Ted Todd has and always will be ethically sourced. Each and every piece of flooring can be tracked back to the forest, garden or wherever this incredible wood has came from. This is very important to us at RR Stone, to be able to be confidently sell high quality Hardwood Flooring knowing that the wood is being replanted and ethically sourced is paramount.

In the current state of the world sustainability is important to all of us, we all need to join together and do everything we can for the planet. Even if it’s just simply using Ted Todd’s flooring with your project. Every step towards global sustainability is as important as the last.

Ted Todd
Ted Todd

Quality of Ted Todd

Simply put the quality that Ted Todd provide is exceptional. They are true artisans when it comes to Hardwood Flooring, each piece is thoroughly checked over to make sure it all hits the high standard Ted Todd has set.

Even more impressively there collections from Woodworks every single piece is hand crafted by their master craftsmen in Cheshire.  Every piece of texture executed immaculately into the pristine wood, each edge hand rolled, every piece of detail perfectly done.

Obviously quality is very important to all of us. Ted Todd are very confident with their quality so much so that with every flooring they supply comes with a 20 year guarantee. There aren’t many companies that are confident enough to give a guarantee like that. Soon as you see this flooring in person you can just see the craftsmanship that has gone into it all.


The performance of Ted Todd Flooring is staggering, with a strong wear layer, the Ted Todd Care Systems and hardwood engineered boards they are built to last. Once again a testament to Ted Todd for their confidence in the 20 year guarantee that comes with all their boards.

With the right care and attention these boards will surely last much longer than that.

The quality in care products that they have designed is incredible, easy to use and high performing. There is a lot of options when it comes to the care products so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and our experts will be keen to assist.

Overall performance is a strong trait for this flooring, definitely there to stand the test of time.

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Thanks to their many years of experience the amount of variety in their collections is astonishing, from consistent and clean to antique wood full of character. You simply just have to have a look through the brochure or the products on our pages for them, your sure to find something to your liking.

Some of our favourite is the Carbonised collection which utilises an ancient Japanese technique called ‘Shou Sugi Ban‘. This is the process of precisely can carefully charring the wood and brushing off the ashen residue before coating it in a Lacquer or Oil. This is no simple task it takes a very specialised craftsman to achieve the level of quality that comes fourth in the Carbonised collection.

There are plenty of options and directions to go within Ted Todd’s fine wood floors, have a browse and find yours.


Ted Todd have always been at the top of the game in the UK from 1997 when it was founded to the present date. With plenty years of experience working with reclaimed wood, Robert Walsh took the industry by storm making strong reliable new wood flooring but keeping the look and character of a old reclaimed board.

After years of success they grew and now have a collection rare finds, wood from the history books, used in some of the most beautiful flooring on the market. Just the sheer experience, knowledge and passion the artisans have for wood works is reason in it self to use this product for all your projects.

Ted Todd, What do you think?

So what’s your opinion? To be fair, it’s impossible to say without seeing this product in person. You really can see the passion and effort that has gone into Ted Todd’s work every bit of detail go into the wood is just striking.

Luckily for you we have our dedicated showroom for Ted Todd based in Staveley, Lake District. We have large panels of the products and plenty of hand samples of the flooring as well as our team of on site experts ready to guide you through your own Ted Todd story, but more importantly a great coffee machine waiting for you…

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