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With so much choice available it can get confusing but luckily for you we are experts in this industry. It’s definitely worth popping into our dedicated showrooms and Ted Todd design centre with over 60 full size pull out 2 metre high displays. Sometimes there’s just no alternative to seeing large full size panels when choosing the best wood flooring for you.

We have a beautiful brochure for our Hardwood Flooring either in digital format or paper copy, just click on the link to the right and fill the form. We will get the brochure sent to you soon as we receive the request! Sometimes it really helps having the brochure to just be able to sit down and pick it up when you have a few minutes, with a cuppa of course.

We have a brilliant delivery service straight to your door or if you would prefer to collect that is not problem either we have a large warehouse with plenty of storage! Depending on the range of flooring you go with it could be with you within days. We also have some expert fitters that we recommend to use, they have many years of experience under their belt. With this experience you can be confident that your floor will be laid beautifully!

We have many years experience and are happy to advise on the best solutions for your project. There is always a friendly face waiting to assist anyone here, so please call or visit us and we will be sure to help

Please give us a call Tel : 01539 822666 for the very best prices & service.

Full fitting Service (subject to location).


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Hardwood Flooring

Ted Todd Handcrafted

Ted Todd Antique & Rare Finds

Ted Todd Acessories

Ted Todd Flooring

Since 1993 Ted Todd have been crafting hardwood floors and still to this day they continue to be as creative as they have ever been, if not more. Using new and reclaimed materials to push the boundaries of wood floor design, their Collections are sustainable, hard-wearing & original.

We have the showroom for Cumbria and take pride in our expertise and knowledge in the field. Take a look at our collection of Ted Todd’s beautiful flooring

Ted Todd Woodworks

A Woodworks floor is special, days of specific care & attention goes into this pieces of art. Every piece of wood is personally handled and crafted to bring out the very best of its nature. Nothing is ever rushed every piece that leaves the Ted Todd workshop leaves with pride.

Each one is carefully made by hand in their Cheshire workshops and guaranteed to pass the test of time.

Ted Todd Antique & Rare Finds

Antique & Reclaimed wood bring something that we all crave, that longing to nature. As the world builds up we start to lack that connection to the outdoors these beautiful creations are a great tether to that outdoor world. Each piece steeped in history and story, perfect for any project.

Ted Todd have been honing their craft for the last 25 years, learning everything they can about bringing old wood back to life and honouring the timeless tradition of wood floor making statement

Ted Todd Accessories

Every wood flooring is different so what is better than the people who made your floor making the products to look after your floor? From fitting to cleaning we will have it all!

 There is always a lot of options when it comes to maintenance, we understand it can get confusing so please feel free to call us on 015298 22666 and our experts will be able to assist you!

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