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Rare Finds

True one offs – Each piece of wood in the Rare Finds collection comes steeped in rich heritage and a story. Sourced from historical points in time such as the Old War Office in London or from former colonies feeding the Industrial growth of Britain. Now in the hands of Ted Todd’s experts this wood has been carefully restored waiting for its next big part in the history books.

Bold Surfaces

Each piece of plank has been beautifully restored from cornfields of rural England to the eastern shores of Java. The character that has been infused into this collection creates a truly Bold Surface. Explore this range with confidence knowing you’re stepping into history, maybe you’re the next chapter?


Shou sugi ban is the traditional Japanese process of charring wood, originally to create weatherproofing. Now Ted Todd have used this ancient technique to create the first range with this as a commercial finish in the UK. The painstakingly long process ensures that every piece is carefully cared for.


Manufacturing an Antique wood flooring is impossible. That is why Ted Todd use rare Antique wood from the 17th and 18th century. This wood has unusual patinas, characterful natural markings and a feel that is impossible to recreate

The restoration process is thorough and unrivaled, producing unmatched classic floorboards and intricate parquetry.

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