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Ceruse – Limed or cerused oak was very popular in mid-century interiors and is now coming back to being on-trend. Ted Todd’s reclaimed black oak presents a striking and unusual look, retaining the knots, cracks and ripples of its original state.

A Reclaimed Board

The charm of a reclaimed wood floor is hard to define and impossible to replicate. Reclaimed wood holds wonderful records of a past life, from beautiful patinas, rusty nail holes and weather cracks, to the smooth sections which have been corroded by the repeated touch of a thousand hands. The character that reclaimed wood holds is inimitable and its unique history provides a talking point to all who come into contact with it.

ProfileSquare shoulder
TextureSkip Sawn
Construction(s)10mm Solid
Width(s)Random Width
600mm – 2200mm
Depth(s)10mm – 20mm
Woodworks by Ted Todd
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