Colonial Burmese Teak


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Colonial Burmese Teak – ‘King of the hardwoods’, Teak which is Native to the tropics is naturally resistance to decay, inscects & rot, hense the nickname. This made it very sought after for its beauty and its durability. Ted Todd travelled over 5000 miles to Burma to find this wood. Extracing them from a South Asain 19th centure colonial home.

A Reclaimed Board

The charm of a reclaimed wood floor is hard to define and impossible to replicate. Reclaimed wood holds wonderful records of a past life, from beautiful patinas, rusty nail holes and weather cracks, to the smooth sections which have been corroded by the repeated touch of a thousand hands. The character that reclaimed wood holds is inimitable and its unique history provides a talking point to all who come into contact with it.

Dimensions (W x L x D)Random x Random x 20mm
FinishBurnished Hardwax Oil
Care System2
CertificationGenuine Reclaimed Sourced
ProfileHand rolled edges, Ends matched, Tongue & Grooved
SpeciesReclaimed Teak
Suitable for underfloor heatingYes
TextureSoft Sanded
ToneMid Tone
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