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The Larch used to craft Eiger is native to the milder temperatures of the northerly hemisphere, populating the lowlands of the north and dominating the mountains of central Europe. In the past, Larch was recognised for its healing qualities, a feature still relevant in contemporary society where Larch’s bark is used in baths to relieve symptoms of rheumatism.

Larch was typically used as a building material in the 19th century, during the growing influence of the British empire. Each knot, crack and saw mark of Eiger carries with it a tale from years ago and this is consistent with the age of this wood. Ted Todd extracted Eiger from a barn in the Swiss alps, originally used to house farm machinery for tending nearby fields.

A Reclaimed Board

The charm of a reclaimed wood floor is hard to define and impossible to replicate. Reclaimed wood holds wonderful records of a past life, from beautiful patinas, rusty nail holes and weather cracks, to the smooth sections which have been corroded by the repeated touch of a thousand hands. The character that reclaimed wood holds is inimitable and its unique history provides a talking point to all who come into contact with it.

Dimensions (W x L x D)175mm / 188mm x Random x 25mm
Care SystemDependent on chosen finish
CertificationGenuine Reclaimed Sourced
ProfileSquare edge
Suitable for underfloor heatingNo
TextureSoft Sanded
ToneMid Tone
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