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RR Stone’s Top Brands

Hello! We get it, there are thousands of brands, products and even more companies trying to tell you to buy theirs, but why should you? We want to make it simple for you and show you our top brands, couple of featured products but more importantly we want to show you why they are our favourites.

First of all RR Stone is full of experts who have been in the trade for years so we know quality when we see it. We have a stunning showroom based in the Lake District displaying all the brands and products we are about to showcase.  So grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy.

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Ted Todd

We have been proud suppliers of Ted Todd for many years, with a dedicated showroom and a wealth of knowledge we are very confident in this brand. Formed in 1997 but going further back to 1988 with Victorian Woodworks, Ted Todd has shaped the path for Hardwood Flooring.

We love Ted Todd for many reasons but mainly their quality of work is impeccable, you can clearly see the work from the perfectionists in the workshops. Possibly the most important point in this day and age is sustainability, being fully FSC certified you can be sure all the wood source is sourced ethically and been replanted. 

Ted Todd are the market leaders in Hardwood Flooring and that 

Image of Ted Todd

only comes from the passion, dedication and the ingenutiy that they have put into this brand. From the classic English Oak to 17th century Teak from colonial times the variety within Ted Todd’s range of products is something to behold. If you are looking for Hardwood flooring look no further, Ted Todd are the crème de la crème.

Example of Little Green Red Paint

Little Greene

Little Greene, where do we start? Possibly the most loved paint in the trade, with it’s beautiful velvety finishes, extreme durability, gorgeous colours and so much more. It’s no wonder why professional decorators will choose this brand over all others.

There are so many different finishes in this paint it is possibly the most versatile out there, from their Absolute Matt Emulsion to their Traditional Oil Gloss, Little Green guarantees not to disappoint. As well as their iconic finishes the colour range they have is astonishing, the National Trust even use them for they’re branded colour. Speaking of the National Trust, Little Greene are very conscious to their environmental status. This is very important to us for them to be on this list and in our showroom, 

Little Greene are fully dedicated to the ecosystem and in 2004 they achieved the European environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001, being one of the first UK paint companies to achieve this. All of their Oil based paints are used from sustainable vegetable oils and their water based paints carry the lowest eco-rating, virtually zero effect to the environment. You can confidently use this product knowing your carbon footprint is that little bit smaller.

Orvi Innovative Surfaces

Now this is a company worth of a space in the Top Brands, these guys take stone to a new level. Combining traditional and new age methods with serious talent. Orvi’s products are absolutely incredible each piece precision machined and finished by artisans with traditional handcrafting techniques. The most incredible thing about this company is that they will make any design you can think of, from repeated patterns inlayed with semi precious materials to one off inscribed stone. They have a product range but we see that more of an inspiration range. Come up with your own design and they will make it a reality…

The service and support from this company is second to none, we can get samples of bespoke designs made and shipped from their workshop India within weeks and any issues that may arise are 

Top Brands

very efficiently dealt with. As you may of noticed sustainability and ethics are important to us and this company more than ticks this box. Being one of the few industrial companies in India that pay all their staff a good living wage and not using child labour really makes this company stand out. It’s a strong step in the right direction globally, let’s support it by using these incredible products.


This industry is full of brands, products and all sorts it’s very easy to find what could be a bargain but with no information on quality. So hopefully this gave you a small idea of some brands and products we strongly recommend. If you have any questions about our top brands or even think we have missed some off our list please contact us or leave a comment below. Thank you for spending the time to read through this blog and please subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with all offers or topics that are hitting our country by storm. 

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