New Year, New Website! Whats next?

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New Year, New Website. Whats next?

2019 was a good year for RR Stone, we got our new Showroom open, had loads of new customers, created new relationships with new clients and so much more. 2019 was full of surprises so we just want to take the time to say thank you to everyone who joined us on the journey through 2019! 

But, what’s next? 2020, start of a decade, we all say it but this is going to be an exciting year for RR Stone. We have a lot planned to enhance your experience with us but I will get into that shortly. Our industry is constantly growing with new products, ideas, fashions constantly changing we all need to keep up to speed with it. For example our Alabaster Lighting has taken off and is in a great position to become very sought after.

What's new?

We have updated our website drastically improving the user experience, product range and general functionality. We want to make it as easy as possible for yourselves to look at our products & to be able to purchase our products, simply and clearly. We have reworked our delivery charges and options making it a simple and painless process. Here are some more details of what is new in the world of RR Stone.


We are always looking for the next big thing in the industry, We recently got hold of our Alabaster Marble Lights and believe that they are going to take off in the UK. They are hand crafted in Spain painstakingly cut out of massive Marble Slabs. Each piece is truly unique creating an amazing feature for your home, office just anywhere. These are perfect.


With having such a variety of products delivery can get confusing but we have hit the nail on the head. Created a system to ensure the best prices on shipping for all of our products.  


At the start of 2019 we started creating our new showroom. It was finished in Summertime and has completely changed the game here in RR Stone. A beautifully designed modern styling showroom has enabled us to showcase our products with pride! You simply need to come and have a nice cup of coffee and a look around the new showroom. 

Whats next?

As I have mentioned one of our main goals in 2020 is to create an enhanced experience for our customers starting with our Website. We have just launched our new website which was created in-house, this gives us the flexibility to constantly adapt our site with updates and any suggestions from yourself. Please feel free to give us any feed back regards the website, it’s got our name on it but it’s your website we want to tailor it for you.

The Website

We have plenty of ideas that we want to use to enhance our user experience here are a few;

Trade Account Pricing

Previously whether you had a trade account our prices on the website would not automatically change to the prices you get from us. That is no good, being able to order online lets you streamline all your jobs. 

No matter where you are based in the UK you can now apply for a Trade Account and we will automatically update our amazing Trade Prices straight to your device.  

whats next

Weekly Updates & Blog Posts

As we all know this industry is massive and is very fluent, constantly expanding with new trends, new products and old products coming back into light. It can be very hard to keep up with so we have decided to take the hard work away from you. Each week there will be at least one Blog post on our site with information about updates in the industry or products we just think you need to know about! Subscribe to our newsletter and blogs here.


This is your website as much as it is our, if you feel like there is something missing from our site that would improve your experience feel free to send a message in and we can look into it! We’d love to hear what your opinion is about what we are doing, how else can we improve? 

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a massive opportunity for everyone, we have decided to attend a few trade shows this year. A great chance for you to meet us and see the brilliant offers and products that we supply. We will have more information regarding which Trade Shows we will be attending so make sure you Subscribe to our blog posts where all the information will be posted!

Image of The Team


Overall 2019 was a great year and 2020 is set up to be an even better year. We want to make 2020 a year for the customer, the client, the builder. Help us achieve this by subscribing to our blog, posting suggestions and most importantly. Keep in contact, we are here to help. 

Thank you.

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